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Our FFFilosophy is  FFFriendly, FFFun, FFFunctional, and is also useful in case of FFFires!

FLORAFORFAUNA was founded by pet loving professionals with decades of experience. We have a desire to produce intelligently crafted, ethically priced cannabinoid products for all furry friends. We are Montana originated, owned and operated, and we source superlative raw materials from the USA.

We believe in the power of cannabis and strive to offer a form that will work for every-furry-body!

The Science

  • Analytically tested by reputable laboratories to ensure safety & potency
  • High concentration, precision delivery allows effectuality via drops versus dropperfuls
  • Specialized biophotonic glass packaging enhances and protects products (
  • Organic camelina oil for maximum absorption utilized versus standard MCT oil
  • Crafted with integrity & imbued with goodness

The Forms

A variety of products allows flexibility to combine forms, make individualized plans & adjust as needed to meet dynamic situations.

  • Drops (oils) in concentrated formulas with precision delivery via medical grade pipette (dropper)
    • Performance Pet offers three concentrations to support all sizes in their active, athletic lifestyle
      • FORMULA ONE (1mg CBD/drop)
      • FORMULA THREE (3 mg CBD/drop)
      • FORMULA TEN (10 mg CBD/drop)
    • The Difference offers a unique combination of oils used in tandem to support overall balance and well-being (DAY & NIGHT 3mg CBD/drop)
  • Pops (capsules) in concentrated, precise form
    • 10 mg CBD & 25 mg CBD per vegetarian capsule
  • Shake (powder) in convenient scoop or shake container
    • CBD enhanced nutritious & delicious whole food supplement
    • Mix with wet food to make a yummy gravy or sprinkle & toss with kibble to make yummy coating

Maximize Quality of Life

Optimize the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. Maximize quality & enjoyment of life by facilitating all the activities you & your pet love to share. Watch and observe other unexpected positive results unfold!

  • Anti-inflamitory… all bodies need that!
  • Analgesic… ease chronic or acute discomfort die to epic adventures
  • Anti-anxiety… clear the static of anxiety & tune into the good stuff
  • Support the inherent endocannabinoid system (ECS)