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What our customers have to say

We have seen amazing results with Good Gravy and have watched as it has successfully treated our 11 year old cat, Hobbs, with his mast cell cancer. Close to three years ago Hobbs had a mast cell tumor under his eye and neck removed. When the tumors came back in 6 months and an ultrasound revealed a mass on his spleen it became apparent the cancer had metastasized. The treatment options only offered him an additional year at best and we found the side effects difficult for Hobbes to manage. We turned to Good Gravy and now two years later have a healthy happy cat. The mass under his eye is significantly smaller and if it seems more irritated we increase the Good Gravy and the inflammation is immediately reduced. I am so grateful for good gravy everytime I look at our loving boy and the days we have with him.
Sara M., Idaho

Sara, M

Jessie is a 12 year old cattle dog that with anal sac adenocarinomas that has metastasized and surgery was not an option. After two months on The Difference, Jessie's calcium and kidney value were back to normal and she is more comfortable and happy. We are so grateful to have found The Difference as it has helped our treatment and outlook more than we would have ever imagined possible.
Ted S., South Carolina

Ted S.

Our 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier Mr. Watson travels with us everywhere. On a recent trip involving plane and car transit throughout Montana, we noticed Mr. Watson wasn't traveling as well as he used to. On the recommendation of a friend, we purchased The Difference CBD and oh what a difference it made indeed! Mr. Watson traveled comfortably (therefore we traveled comfortably) and we are also using the product prior to grooming. Would highly recommend.
Brian B., Colorado

Brian B.

My 6 year old goldendoodle is a maniac! He runs and springs like crazy and loves to play, play, play. I was concerned he would start to hurt himself with all the vigorous activity as I had started to see signs of some limping on occasion. Our veterinarian suggested we try Performance Pet as a proactive wellness measure to help keep potential aches at bay. We use the Pops and the Drops and they work amazing! So much better for my guy than Rimadyl.
Agnes W., Montana

Agnes W.

Porter was a 10 year old boxer with multiple issues, experiencing visible pain and we were ready to put him down. We tried CBD and we were able to have another good 10 months with him. We were so grateful to Flora for Fauna for all the time they took to work with us on selecting the correct product and the dosing to give Porter a very comfortable final chapter.
Nate B., Montana

Nate B

I am an industrial chemist and I am exceedingly particular about what types of products I will purchase for both myself and my fur family (1 dog, 1 cat). I did extensive research on CBD products available and finally decided to try Good Gravy for my cat and Performance Pet for my dog. I was impressed with the product ingredients and precision delivery. I counted all of the drops out of my oil bottle as I administered them and the amount delivered was as advertised. I would purchase products from this company again.
Erin O., Montana

Erin O.

My rescue dog (ie – baggage) is a highly nervous, hyper vigilant little one. Over time with training and patience, she became more confident and outgoing…and happy. Then we moved. With all of the business of selling a home and moving, I didn’t think too much about the impact this would have on my dog. Unfortunately, upon moving into our new place she fully shut down. She wouldn’t move from her one spot on the couch and was highly depressed – it was obvious to any who met her. Dr. Kim suggested that I get her onto ‘The Difference’ drops and if I could, also the Good Gravy. I am not easily swayed (or high imagination) but I simply can not express how amazed (and happy) that I am at how well these worked for her! Within about a week or so, she just blossomed again! She became outgoing, energetic and was initiating play often. To note – I have her on 3 drops each serving (am/pm) and she is 15lb so her dose is a bit more than we started with. This product is better quality than most on the market, including the level of testing done on the oil. It is money well spent because it works! Thank you FloraForFauna.
Christine W., Canada

Christine W.

Great company and wonderful product! I used this for my dog after an injury since he has reacted poorly to conventional pain medications in the past. Really helped to give him some relief, and the product representatives truly cared about his progress.
Diane S., Montana

Diane S.

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