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How to Choose Between the Product Lines

  • comprehensive, unique products
    for AM and PM
  • may support balance
  • for canines & felines
  • simplicity of one product
    for AM & PM
  • may support athletic lifestyle
  • for canines & felines
Good Gravy (GG)
  • for every-furry-BODY
    (use with The Difference and Performance Pet)
  • nutrient rich
  • canine & feline specific formulas

How to Choose Between DROPS (oils) and POPS (capsules)



human prefers oil form

faster onset, shorter duration

mild to moderate activity



human prefers capsule form

moderate to heavy activity

slower onset, longer duration


(oils & capsules together)

extreme or epic activity

may support complex  issues

complete onset & duration coverage

My rescue dog (ie – baggage) is a highly nervous, hyper vigilant little one. Unfortunately, upon moving into our new place she fully shut down. Dr. Kim suggested that I get her onto ‘The Difference’ drops and if I could, also the Good Gravy. I simply can not express how amazed (and happy) that I am at how well these worked for her! Within about a week or so, she just blossomed again! Thank you FloraForFauna.
Christine W., Canada

Christine W.

I am an industrial chemist and I am exceedingly particular about what types of products I will purchase for both myself and my fur family (1 dog, 1 cat). I did extensive research on CBD products available and finally decided to try Good Gravy for my cat and Performance Pet for my dog. I was impressed with the product ingredients and precision delivery.
Erin O., Montana

Erin O.