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CBD products for cats and dogs

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Good Gravy is a new-tritious & delicious cannabinoid enhanced yummy in the tummy meal topper mix for canines & felines.  Comprised of exceedingly beneficial and nourishing components, Good Gravy is formulated for ease of use on wet or dry food.  Sprinkle on kibble and toss to make a yummy coating or mix with wet food for a yummy gravy.  Also works wonders mixed with yogurt or water.

Excellent for finicky felines, Me-Wow!

Super support for itchiness, Bow-Wowza!

Learn more about our special formulations for dogs and cats. 


“We have seen amazing results with Good Gravy and have watched as it has successfully treated our 11 year old cat, Hobbs, with his mast cell cancer.”

Sara, M