Good Gravy


Good Gravy is a new-tritious & delicious cannabinoid enhanced yummy in the tummy meal topper mix for canines & felines.  Comprised of exceedingly beneficial and nourishing components, Good Gravy is formulated for ease of use on wet or dry food.  Sprinkle on kibble and toss to make a yummy coating or mix with wet food for a yummy gravy.  Also works wonders mixed with yogurt or water.

  • Good Gravy CANINE comes in original CHICKEN base and new BEEF  base
  • Good Gravy FELINE comes in original CHICKEN and new FISH base


  • ~220 mg cannabinoids per 260 g container
  • cannabinoids CBD+CBG+CBC
  • serving size: 1 teaspoon
  • servings per container: 90
  • suggested use: 1 teaspoon per 15-30 pounds twice daily
  • ingredients: air dried sprouts + chicken dehydrated bone broth + non-gmo organic ground flax + organic full spectrum & defined spectrum hemp oil + healing essences


  • ~75 mg cannabinoids per 60 g container
  • cannabinoids CBD+CBC+CBG
  • serving size: ¼ – ½ teaspoon
  • servings per container: 120-60
  • suggested use: <10 pounds = ¼ teaspoon twice daily
  • suggested use: > 10 pounds = ½ teaspoon twice daily
  • ingredients: chicken dehydrated bone broth + air dried sprouts + organic full spectrum hemp oil + healing essences
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